We will embrace underdog tag-Frank Lampard speaks ahead of Bayern clash

Chelsea boss Far. No Lampard has disclosed he and his team will embrace the underdog  tag ahead of their clash with Bayern Munich. 

The blues former midfielder in an interview said taking a look at the current form of Bayern, they are a formidable side and are united. 

Frank Lampard added that he had the chance to experience the unity and strength of Bayern Munich during his days as a player however,  he will do his job as a coach. 

According to him,  his job is to ensure his team knows the strength of their opponents and a very well prepared for them.

“It’s better to come from our side as underdogs,” Lampard said.

“My job is to look at our opponents and see their strengths as well as our strengths. I understand if people want to call us underdogs because Bayern are so strong.

“When you go through the talent and unity in their team, you can see they’re top of the Bundesliga for a reason. They’re a club that strengthens the players themselves and I saw that when I went up against them as a player.

“Being underdogs, we’re there to turn it around. We don’t want to get too caught up in thinking about that before the game, we just want to get it across to the squad what it takes to win.” Frank Lampard added.

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