Should Donald Trump Run Again In 2024?

The defeat President Donald trump suffered in the 2020 elections is one that he is finding very difficult to accept as he has constantly alleged that the elections were won fraudulently by Joe Biden. 

Even though his claims have not come with any serious proof which the courts have accepted, Mr Trump has been drumming the message of electoral fraud to his fans for the past month and counting.

One of the questions that has been lingering in the minds of many is about whether the President after his loss will want to stand again I 2024?

Though that is not something that can be determined right now, it is evidently clear that Mr. Trump still has a four year legal term that he can stand for as President should he get the support and endorsement of his party.

The question according to reports has even surfaced in one of the fundraising messages from Mr. Trump and the Republican party.

However, the answer to that question is one which a lot of people really have to think about with a lot of things under consideration.

“Should President Trump run in 2024?” The question read,

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