Election 2020: Prophet Badu Kobi Prophesies 52.3% Victory For Mahama

Popular man of God Prophet Badu Kobi has predicted the results of the coming elections which has already started putting politicians on their feet as they canvas for votes.

According to the renounced preacher, former President Mahama who is the candidate of the opposition NDC will emerge as the winner of the polls.

He explained that John Mahama will win by a margin of 52.3% which indicates that he will be President again.

“…The votes for 2020 elections in Ghana are for John Mahama. It is 52.3 per cent or more for John Mahama and I am saying it well for the bloggers to hear it.” Prophet Badu Kobi disclosed.

The man of God made his comments whiles he was preaching to his congregation and one is beginning to wonder about whether it is a message from God to Ghanaians.

A number od such predictions from men of God have come to pass in previous years but as it stands, one can only wait for the election results before a conclusion can be made on the authenticity of the revelation.

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