Princess Shyngle pregnant

Princess Shyngle cries over the arrest of her fiance whiles she is pregnant

Ghana-based Gambian actress Princess Shyngle has expressed her sadness over the arrest of his US-based fiancée at a time when she is pregnant and deserves his love.

According to Princess Shyngle in a video which she posted on social media, her fiancé left home to sleep outside but she later found out that he was arrested.

The reasons for his arrest have not been revealed by the actress but she shared audio conversations between she and her man to that effect.

The world is at war with the deadly coronavirus but it looks like Princess Shyngle is at another war of dealing with a cheating man which has worsened her worries.

It could be recalled that the Gambian actress denied she was pregnant some months ago but her new video has exposed her denials.

She stated herself in the video that she is constantly bloating up in recent times due to the pregnancy and that she at this point can’t hide anything.

From what is being depicted in her video, it looks like all she cares for now is the love of her man during this difficult times and not a message of him being arrested which will keep him out of home for a period.

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