Patapa’s queen peezy burst into tears whiles singing “Jah guide me”

Queen peezy the girlfriend of one corner hit maker Patapaa seems to have been deeply crushed due to the spell of betrayal and disappoinment which was cashed on her by her lover Patapaa.
Sources report that queen peezy has been struggling to overcome her broken heartedness.
The one corner hit Maker’s girlfriend was spotted on social media singing “Jah guide me from my enemies” whiles she bitterly weeped.
Though some fans and followers of the musician’s girlfriend have been consoling her, her recovery from the disappoinment seems to be something that will take a while to be realised.
Reports indicate that she was rescently admitted at the hospital due to the side effects she has been experiencing from her recent broken heart.
Videos recently emmerged on social media in which Patapaa was spotted in compromising positions with a new white lady believed to be his newly found lover.

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