Mallam tells police he was going to Church after he was caught in lockdown period

Ghanaians are revealing a lot of funny stuff that have been happening during just a day of the 2 weeks lockdown which has been imposed by President Akufo Addo.

The lockdown was meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus which has already infected 152 people in the country and experts fear it might go worse if urgent steps are not taken.

Well, musician Trigmatic has also shared his version of the lockdown story and it has been getting a lot of social media reactions due to how funny it sounded.

According to the renowned musician, some military men arrested a mallam who was walking on the streets at wrong hours because he is not included in the people that are exempted from the lockdown.

However, the said Mallam resorted to telling a lie and in doing that he told the security officials that he was on his way to a church service not knowing that there is also a ban on all social gatherings.

One can only imagine what the security officials who know that the act from the Mallam was a deliberate attempt to lie to them after he broke the law.

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