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Make love- It’s the best exercise- Princess Shyngle claims

Ghana based Gambian actress Princess Shyngle has advised her colleague ladies to workout with the activity of love making in bed since it’s is the best firm of exercise according to her.

She explained that making love is so good a form of exercise especially if one wants to have a flat tummy.

Though she has not provided any form of scientific works to back up her claims her recent shaepe and form speaks for her.

Here is the caption for her video:“Sex is one of the most effective workout 💃🏽😍❤️ who ever agrees should click the link on my bio now and watch the full video of me giving the best tips for women to have a flat tummy 🥰🤣 .

Content in the video she posted suggested that the act of lovemaking keeps one active and is a real deal that can make one achieve exactly the kind of fitness they want.

According to her, lovemaking moves such as winning and squats are just perfect to train the waist of a female who wants to get her waist level fitness on point.

Princess Shyngle is one of Ghana’s most controversial social media influencers due to the kind of content she always brings out.

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