Ghanaian musician curses Politicians who will divert coronavirus money

Award-winning Ghanaian musician Samini has rained curses on any politician who tries to make fortunes for himself from funds allocated for the fight against the deadly coronavirus.

The reggae dancehall artiste in a social media post said he knows some “stupid” politicians will capitalize on the coronavirus to milk the country of its resources at the expense of the poor during this hard time.

According to him, any politician who tries to bend the resources meant for the coronavirus will end in shame and curses because the lives of people are involved.

Samini is one of Ghana’s legendary musicians who tries to make his voice known on national issues of concern on social media.

He has on several occasions taken to social media where he has a large following to lambast some politicians who take foul means to make gains at the detriment of the poor in the country.  

The second case of the coronavirus was confirmed in Ghana on the 12th of March 2020 and since then the fear of the pandemic has spread across the country.

A number of educational institutions have placed bans on public gatherings whiles some private schools have declared a temporal shut down a day after the cases of the virus were confirmed.

It has also been reported that the Norwegian Embassy in Ghana has shut down because one of the confirmed victims is believed to be the ambassador of the institution.  

Currently, a third case of the coronavirus has been reported but no confirmation has been made about whether the victim tested positive or not.

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