Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry Carlos Ahinkorah has quits from his position as a Minister of State after breaching coronavirus protocols. 

The Minister who tested positive for the novel virus was reported to have gone out from self-isolation to promote some political activities by his own will. 

The public after receiving the news that the Minister had tested positive for the virus started escalating pressure and punishing him for exposing the public to the deadly virus. 

The Minister after hearing the calls of Ghanaians despite the effects it is going to have on the ruling NPP has decided to quit from his political appointment as the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry. 

Mr. Carlo Ahinkorah is one of the finest minds in the New Patriotic Party’s industry-oriented developmental agenda. 

He has been described to be a key player in the one district one factory programme which was one of government’s biggest campaign promises. 

With a few months ahead to get into the 2020 elections, one can say his resignation is a big brow to Ghanaians.

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