Ay Poyoo

AY Poyoo Reveals Why He Couldn’t Become A Doctor

Comic rapper Ay Poyoo has disclosed that he aborted his decision to become a doctor because of his looks which could have scared patients.

According to the fast-rising rapper, he prefers to be a musician because his looks fit perfectly into the craft as compared to being a doctor.

Whiles speaking with Delay in an interview, AY Poyoo revealed that his mother wanted him to become a health personnel but taking a careful look at himself, he realized he will do patients more harm than good because of his looks.

He explained that he knows he is ugly and that a patient who is recovering from a comma can even die instantly when he or she sets eyes on him because of his horrible looks.

He added that though switching from his dream of becoming a doctor was difficult, he prefers that to causing trouble for patients in a hospital.

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