US army evacuated from Afghanistan

American Troops Finally Move Out Of Afghanistan

American Troops Finally Move Out Of Afghanistan

The over 20 years mission of the American military to Afghanistan has officially come to an end as the US military has announced the final exit of its personnel from the country.

Gen. McKenzie stated in his report that every United States service member was taken out of the country and that the final departure took place around midnight in Afghanistan.

“Every single U.S. service member is out of Afghanistan.” All honor to all those who served and fought in Afghanistan, in service to our nation, 2001-2021.” Gen. McKenzie said in his brief.

He also thanked the men of the US Army who served on the mission in the past 20 years and added that the United States will forever remain grateful for their sacrifices.

“I would like to offer my personal appreciation to the more than 800,000 service members and 25,000 civilians who have served in Afghanistan,” Gen Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. Added.

Has Every American Citizen Been Evacuated From Afghanistan?

Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. Stated that not every American living in Afghanistan was evacuated because of the complex nature of the mission which had its own highs and lows.

He explained that the operation had its specific guidelines and a deadline to meet and that even though the military did its best to get everyone out, a couple of people who couldn’t get access to the airport were left behind.

Not every American is out from Afghanistan. “We were not able to do that,” US Gen. McKenzie confirmed.

How Are Americans On Social Media Reacting To The Withdrawal Of The US Army From Afghanistan?

A number of social media users have been reacting to the news of the departure of the US Army in diverse ways with a number having different opinions.

Whiles a number think the evacuation was perfect, others are of the view that a lot more could have been done for the safety of humanity in Afghanistan.

Here Are Some Tweets

“The war in Afghanistan is officially over. I want to thank all the troops that sacrificed their blood, sweat and tears to fight for liberty and justice around the world. Here’s to the next twenty years of increased investments inside of the United States.” @SpencerToder said

“ Americans were left behind in Afghanistan. Joe Biden breaks his word. Treat any pledge or promise from this President to citizens, allies or friends as valueless.”


“Can the Biden administration provide PROOF that there are hundreds of Americans who want to remain in #Afghanistan under Taliban rule? I find this very hard to believe, because unlike so many in the media, I wasn’t born yesterday”


McKenzie just said: “Not all Americans wanted to leave, there are Americans for a variety of reasons that want to stay for a while” … which means the likely number of Americans in Afghanistan is *higher* than “the very low hundreds.”


“The Pentagon just admitted the Biden administration left (at least) hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan—not to mention allies. We still have people there. This is not a victory. It’s a national disgrace and failure of leadership”


Has The US Left Military Equipment Behind In Afghanistan?

The US Army in its report revealed that a number of machinery and equipment which include vehicles, and helicopters were left behind as well as some weapons.

However, it was indicated that the equipment and machinery that were left behind were demilitarized and will never be used again for any military action.

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