Akpeteshie prices in Ghana

Akpeteshie Prices Increase To The Peak In Accra

Prices of Akpeteshie have increased in Ghana and the prices are expected to rise to the peak as people are really in a rash for the drink.

Sources have disclosed that the prices of the Alcoholic beverage took to uptrends after the world health organization announced that it is one of the most efficient ways by which the deadly coronavirus can be wiped out.

Some locals in the country have resorted to the use of alcoholic beverages in washing their hands after the prices of sanitizers have skyrocketed.

As it stands now, prices of sanitizers have risen from GhC 2.0 to around GHC.50.0 and above and may go higher due to the fact people are seriously rushing for the alcohol-based cleaners.

The government of Ghana has also declared that all social gatherings including church services have been put on a temporal ban for the next four weeks.

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